Meditech Europe Mineral Super Optimizer

Meditech Europe Mineral Super Optimizer

We have the ultimate supplement for your water distiller. With both the MD4 and Pure&Secure products, you can use the Mineral Super Optimizer to replenish your water with minerals.

The Mineral Super Optimizer is stored in a water jug or in the lower jug of the jug filter and gently enriches up to 100 litres of water with magnesium ions.

At the same time, it increases the pH value and reduces the redox potential by up to 600 millivolt, e.g. to -270 mV. This creates the alkaline character and antioxidant properties of Minerade® water, which are accompanied by a pleasantly mild taste.

It is also ideal for water from reverse osmosis systems (osmosis water) or distillers.

Simply pour into a water carafe and soak for 3 to 12 hours. The longer, the more alkaline and antioxidant the water will be. You can then immediately top up the carafe with fresh water and leave the stone in the carafe.

After 1-3 months you can replace the budding ceramic with a new one. You will taste it if it no longer works sufficiently. The formation of bubbles also decreases with time, depending on the water.

Do not use in closed containers, it builds up the pressure!


  • Additional minerals for distilled water
  • For the production of alkaline water with an increase of the pH value to pH 9.5 and an increase of the ORP (redox potential) to more than -500mV !
  • Increase of the conductivity (salinity) by approx. 20-30 ppm (parts / ions per million H2O molecule parts)
  • Requires a few hours to mineralize the water
  • Dimensions mineral stone: diameter 50mm, height 15mm
  • Packaging dimensions: 54 x 54 x 19mm

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MD4 - Topnotch waterdistiller for pure and clean water.

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The waterdistiller has a 2 years warranty.

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